Crafting a New Normal: Creating Effective Community Conversations about Intersectionality

Track: Lead by Example
Workshop Block 2 – Saturday, October 26 – 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM
Room: Julia Lee AB

This session is meant to help chapters become more inclusive of diversity. Leaders will demonstrate ways to create a broader community conversation about inclusion and intersectionality. Its outcome is to create meaningful relationships and bridge cultural differences. A pilot event held in Boulder, Colorado, will demonstrate the value of partnering with faith, LGBTQ, and POC communities to bring together persons of diverse ages, backgrounds and belief systems. Shared needs, issues and questions from marginalized participants became the impetus for actions to change attitudes and behaviors of those more privileged. Key to the event’s success was an articulate, inspiring speaker whose own intersectionality of identities led to new understanding of “a New Normal.” Practical suggestions for ways to organize to bring together diverse participants will be provided.

Presenter Bios

2019 Convention - Jean HodgesJean Hodges, PFLAG National Board and PFLAG Boulder

Jean is a PFLAG mom, educator, community organizer, lobbyist for equality, and advocate for inclusion in her faith community. She and her husband helped to cofound the PFLAG Boulder chapter. As a former theatre director, Jean’s strength is organizing community events. She rose through the PFLAG ranks, from local to state coordinator to Mountain West Regional Director, then as the chair of the Regional Directors Council and Vice-President of the National Board of Directors. During her many years on the PFLAG National Board, Jean took a leading role on a number of issues, including support, education and advocacy for the transgender community as well as inclusion of greater diversity on the board. She served as national president and board chair from 2014-2018. 

2019 Convention - Tonyia RawlsTonyia M. Rawls, Freedom Center for Social Justice

Bishop Tonyia M. Rawls is a noted national faith leader and social justice activist who has focused on fighting oppression and discrimination through culture shifts. She is Founder/Executive Director of The Freedom Center for Social Justice (FCSJ). Founded in 2009, they work intersectionally through their programs that support the trans community, people of color, people of low wealth, youth, and sexual minorities. Bishop Rawls is the architect of the FCSJ Do No Harm Campaign, which provides safe space for leaders to discuss challenging justice issues that involve LGBTQ citizens and their families/friends. She is Pastor of Sacred Souls UCC, was appointed the Inaugural Chair of the NC NAACP’s Executive Board LGBTQ Committee, and is a two-term member of the Governing Board of the North Carolina Council of Churches. She’s recognized as one of Charlotte’s 50 Most Influential Women and was listed in the June 2017 inaugural issue of Essence Magazine’s Woke 100 list for Black women who are shaping a more just America.

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