When education is a core piece of your mission, being ready to offer learning opportunities and trainings in your community is a core skill for chapters. But developing training programs isn’t an easy process – how do you know what to include? How do you make it interesting? How do you keep learners engaged?

While there’s no one-size fits-all answers to these questions, there are key strategies that you can learn and deploy to become a more effective training program creator for your chapter. Join PFLAG’s Learning & Inclusion team to kick of your new year with new tools to get teaching. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding what your audience really needs
  • How to create a plan to organize your work
  • Great strategies for doing your research
  • Different ways to organize your learning path
  • Guidance on how to deliver your content like a pro

Whether you’ve been developing training for years or the very thought of teaching makes you panic, this is a fantastic place to start rethinking how you engage and educate in your communities.