Creating a chapter-based diversity and inclusion outreach strategy that accomplishes this goal isn’t always easy, but the benefits are tremendous and critical in helping you achieve PFLAG’s mission.  And with our recent reaffirmation to unity and inclusion learning more about what you and your chapter can do to create inclusive space for LGBTQ people of color and their families is more important than ever.


In this session, you’ll:

  • Examine the complex realities faced by LGBTQ people of color in the United States today with a brief look at demographics, economic disparities, and modern movements for racial justice;
  • Consider the impact that personal, informational, and operational challenges have on our ability to provide support to LGBTQ people of color and their families;
  • Discuss what it means to be an ally to people of color and the ways your chapter can make,  sometimes difficult, changes to create more inclusive space; and
  • Gain access to great resources, materials, and tools to help get you started on your journey to create a more diverse and inclusive PFLAG Chapter