PFLAG members frequently ask themselves how they can better serve people in communities of color. Many have tried advertising in community newspapers or translating materials, but find that few people from racially-diverse communities come to chapter meetings. This leads to the big question: what are we doing wrong?

But I'm Not a Racist! Reframing Diversity Efforts in PFLAG Chapters from PFLAG National on Vimeo.

In this session you’ll:

  • Begin to reframe the conversation about diversity and working in communities of color by focusing on the individual roles we play in being inclusive
  • Identify some of the ways that our upbringing and common social messages contribute to how we interact and operate our PFLAG chapters
  • Discuss the role unconscious bias plays in our lives and how we can use self-awareness and education to work through bias
  • Hear from PFLAG Portland, OR about their diversity and inclusion journey and what steps they took to ensure they were meeting their community’s needs
  • Get access to amazing tools and resources that will help you incorporate diversity and inclusion into all of your chapter’s programs