The midterms will be here soon. The urgency of the upcoming election is already dominating the headlines and your social media news feed. And while PFLAGers have always been legislative advocates, it can be tough for PFLAG chapter leaders to engage in the political process in a way that comply with 501(c)3 advocacy guidelines in an election year.  Whether you're a seasoned advocate with your legislators on speed dial, or if you're excited but intimidated, this session will help build your skills, educate others, and fine-tune your efforts.

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Review the Dos and Don’ts of political advocacy for PFLAG chapters and members
  • Discuss effective tactics for grass roots advocacy such as voter registration drives, candidate forums, and information sharing
  • Learn more about direct lobbying activities and how PFLAG leaders can help chapter members be powerful advocates for change at the local, state, and federal level
  • Review game-changing ballot initiatives, elections, and states to watch in November