F.A.I.T.H*– Finding Answers In The HEALING

Track: Lead by Example
Workshop Block 1 – Saturday, October 26 – 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Room: Lester Young A

Because the world is hungry for peace and seeks answers for spiritual healing within the LGBTQ+ community, the organization known as WHOSOEVER Community Of F.A.I.T.H*– Finding Answers In The HEALING was birthed for those who have been spiritually and/or morally injured by spiritual and church communities. This interactive and thought-provoking session will be a time of dialogue, listening, sharing and learning about the hurts that may be associated with spiritual spaces. This LGBTQ+ panel is composed of social workers, clergy, nurses and educators. As well as parents, advocates and friends of the LGBTQ+ community. While we do not promote or encourage any religion, we will share our thoughts and expertise on how to find HEALING in the hurts that our PFLAG loved ones may unfortunately encounter.

Presenter Bios

2019 Convention - Dionne T BoyiceDionne T. Boyice, WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.*

Pastor Dionne T. Boyice, MDiv, BSW is currently a Doctor of Ministry student at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, Kansas. There she is studying “Creative Leadership” with an emphasis on Pastoral Care and LGBTQ Advocacy. Dionne is also a social worker by trade, and has worked in the mental health field for over 29 years. Dionne is the visionary and founder of WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.*. Dionne founded this ministry from a desire to serve the spirituality of the LGBTQ community in August 2017. She is also a cognitive therapist, working with adults living with traumatic brain injuries. Born and raised in Kansas City, KS, Dionne is the oldest of three daughters and enjoys spending time with her wife LeAundra and her family. Her desire is to bring glory to God through her service to others while remaining culturally sensitive to the needs and aspirations of all God’s people.

2019 Convention - Starla CarrStarla Carr, WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.*

Reverend Starla Carr is the author of six books. Her most recent publication, Christian Terrorism is a detailed writing of true stories and experiences from people within the LGBTQ+ spiritual communities. She is also a licensed barber/hairstylist. Starla volunteered at a LGBT community center and was awakened to the issues within this community and desired to address these issues head-on. Starla created unique and creative spaces and events such as spoken word events in an effort to allow others to speak out about sexuality inequality. Starla also worked as a mentor with the Passages LGBT youth group. As a Black lesbian, Starla continues to be dedicated to righting the wrongs within her community through empathy and unconditional love. Starla currently hosts a podcast that uses its platform to advocate for and educate the community on LGBTQ+ issues. Starla, along with her partner Iris, are dedicated members of WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.*.

2019 Convention - Stephenie HardawayStephenie Hardaway, Just My Opinion

Minister Stephenie Hardaway was born in Pine Bluff, AR and moved to Kansas City with her mother and two brothers after the death of her stepfather in 1985. Stephenie has always been involved in ministry, but stepped away after her calling was denied due to her gender. Stephenie created the podcast Just My Opinion because she recognized that LGBTQIA folks were being told that God hated them and she knew in her heart that this was the furthest from the truth of God. During the podcast Stephenie works alongside her co-host and friend, Starla “M.T.” Carr. Together they discuss a wide range of topics from religion to politics, and other topics they believe should be discussed with the LGBTQIA community. Stephenie enjoys time with her wife and is working to receive a B.A. in Biblical Studies soon. Stephenie and her wife are strong supporters and members of WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.*

2019 Convention - Lanesha HugginsLanesha Huggins, WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.*

Born and raised in Kansas City, KS by a single mother, Lanesha Huggins was very active as a child. She enjoyed gymnastics, tap, jazz and ballet. Lanesha also played basketball, softball and ran track. During her teenage years, she worked at the YWCA as a mentor for girls ages 8-18. Lanesha attended Emporia State University majoring in graphic design. She later decided to study communication and graduated from Park University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts-Broadcasting. Being very involved in the community, Lanesha joined the non-collegiate fraternity Alpha Psi Kappa Fraternity, Incorporated which is a fraternity designed specifically for lesbians who identify as “masculine of center.” Since 2012, Lanesha has been employed with the Unified Government of Kansas City, KS as a juvenile probation officer. She enjoys traveling and making people smile. Lanesha and her wife Tiffany are happily married and are dedicated members of WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.*.

2019 Convention - Iris JohnsonIris Johnson

For Iris Johnson, her career as a nurse was the direct result of wanting to make sure that when people were in crisis and in need of healing, she would be a person to provide direction to that healing. Throughout her life, Iris enjoyed being part of a community as an illusionist, someone who performs in the visual art of misperception and artistry. This illusionist group was called the “Screaming Kupcakes.” The group was sought out to entertain in many states. Iris also had the honor of creating an illusionist group which taught others to perform in the style of illusion. Today, even in retirement, Iris takes pleasure in continuing and expanding her oath to support, educate and uplift people within the LGBTQ+ community. Currently, Iris along with her partner, are committed and faithful members of WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.*, where they enjoy fellowship and connection with their Creator.

2019 Convention Talicia D. McFedersTalicia D. McFeders

Talicia D. McFeders is employed with Kansas City, KS Public Schools where she holds a full-time position as a Para-Educator in the Life Skills 3 Program within the Special Education Department. Talicia has obtained two certifications in the medical field. One as a Certified Nurse Assistant, and as a Certified Medical Assistant. Talicia has also held a position in the Mental Health field as a Case Manager Assistant. In an effort to develop and increase her own spiritual understanding, Talicia has completed three foundational courses at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, in pursuit of a Theological Diploma. Talicia’s greatest pride is her three daughters ages 17, 16 and 12, of whom she is extremely proud. As a strong believer in Christ, Talicia has been a committed member of WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.* since its inception in 2017. There she worships and works with, loves and supports the LBGTQ+ spiritual community.

2019 LeAundra Stewart-BoyiceLeAundra Stewart-Boyice, WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H.* & F.A.I.T.H.-Finding Answers In The HEALING 

Mrs. LeAundra Stewart-Boyice is an MDiv student at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, KS. LeAundra works as a cognitive therapist with adults living with traumatic brain injuries and has extensive educational background and experience in mortuary science and the grieving process. LeAundra has a strong desire to be a voice for those who otherwise feel they have been silenced due to injustices shown to the LGBTQ community as it pertains to spirituality. Alongside her wife, Dionne, who is the founder and Pastor of WHOSOEVER: Community of F.A.I.T.H.*, LeAundra works diligently as an advocate for any and all who are in need of transitioning from hurt-to-healed. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, writing and reciting poetry and short stories. However, what brings her the most joy is ministering to those who believe they are not worthy of God’s goodness, grace, mercy, favor and love. 

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