In January 2018 the “Best-in-Show” series began, featuring the highest rated sessions from the PFLAG National Convention in Portland, OR. This month we're joined by chapter leaders from PFLAG chapters across the country, for Family Acceptance Within Communities of Color, an exclusive 75-minute learning session. Marsha, Kelly, Monica, and Sheila will share what they’ve learned working within communities of color to promote acceptance for their LGBTQ loved ones.

In this learning session you’ll:

  • Hear Marsha, Kelly, Monica and Sheila’s personal stories to better understand their journey to PFLAG and the work that they are doing to support their communities
  • Better understand some of the cultural differences, language barriers, and family dynamics that may impact how parents, families, and communities of color appreciate a loved one’s coming out journey
  • Discuss some of the unique challenges Asian, Latin, Native American, and African American LGBTQ people, their parents, and extended families face in building acceptance within their community
  • Gain strategies and resources to better support individuals, parents, and families of color that come to PFLAG for support