Something to Talk About / Talking Inclusively

Something to Talk About and Talking Inclusively are monthly discussion series for organizations looking for ways to keep the conversation going about LGBTQ and ally issues all year long. Each month the Straight for Equality team at PFLAG National offers articles on LGBTQ topics, intersectionality, diversity, inclusion and more. They'll also suggest a few questions that PFLAG chapters can use to lead a group discussion. Also posted to PFLAG National Blog, PFLAG & Straight for Equality social media feeds, and LinkedIn each month. 

PFLAG Academy Online

Family Acceptance Within Families of Color: Joined by chapter leaders from PFLAG chapters across the country, for Family Acceptance Within Communities of Color, an exclusive 75-minute learning session. Marsha, Kelly, Monica, and Sheila will share what they’ve learned working within communities of color to promote acceptance for their LGBTQ loved ones.

Powerful Partnerships: Making Diversity & Inclusion Successful in PFLAG Chapters: Creating a chapter-based diversity and inclusion outreach strategy that accomplishes this goal isn’t always easy, but the benefits are tremendous and critical in helping you achieve PFLAG’s mission.  

But I'm Not a Racist! Reframing Diversity Efforts in PFLAG Chapters: PFLAG members frequently ask themselves how they can better serve people in communities of color. Many have tried advertising in community newspapers or translating materials, but find that few people from racially-diverse communities come to chapter meetings. This leads to the big question: what are we doing wrong? 

Resource Suggestions & Training Toolkits

Handout - Family Acceptance Within Families of Color: This document includes the organizations, books, movies, and other resources suggested by our session presenters.

Diversity Tools: This is obviously not a comprehensive list but rather a starting point for chapters in your region's diversity & inclusion efforts.

Chapter Diversity & Inclusion Assessment Resources

Chapter Assessment Worksheet

Community Mapping Worksheet

Program Planning Worksheet