The LGBTQ Essential Data Act will ensure that data about a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity are collected on death certificates. This change will improve the National Violent Death Reporting System. 

This bill was introduced in the House on 6/11/21 by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18).

ACTION REQUEST | Ask your Member of Congress and Senators to:

  • Support the LGBTQ Essential Data Act.
  • Introduce it in the Senate.
  • Cosponsor this bill if they have not yet done so, especially if they serve on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. 
    • Thank them if they have already done so.


Discrimination follows LGBTQ+ individuals long after death, but the LGBTQ Essential Data Act can allow our loved ones to rest in dignity. Too often, affirming families or bad actors in law enforcement choose a loved one’s untimely death to put them back in the closet or revert their gender identity. By standardizing demographic information collected on a person’s death certificate, we can assure people’s lived experiences are not erased in death.