Gender diversity impacts everyone in a family.  When a family stands out for any reason, each member is likely to handle this differently.   In the community, siblings of gender expansive youth may called upon to answer questions about, or defend, their siblings’ gender identity and/or expression.  Siblings may have a heightened sense that their whole family is being scrutinized by others; this can be uncomfortable.  At home, siblings of gender expansive children may feel overlooked. They often have conflicting feelings about the impact of their sibling’s gender identity on their life at home, at school, and in the community.   

During this session we’ll discuss:

  • How can parents and family therapists identify, understand, and meet the needs of siblings of gender expansive youth?
  • How can parents balance the needs of all family members?  
  • What are some specific strategies to help parents and siblings?
  • What are better practices for participants to feel empowered to take care of all family members impacted by gender diversity?