Let’s Talk About Sex

Track: Raise Your Voice
Workshop Block 1 – Saturday, October 26 – 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Room: Lester Young B

This interactive presentation will explore the topic of sexual health within LGBTQ+ communities, including the role of allies and allied organizations in providing sexual health information, education, and resources, including on issues of STIs, HIV/AIDS treatment, the use of condoms/barriers, PrEP, and PEP. By being informed of specific sexual health issues affecting LGBTQ+ individuals, allies and allied organizations can in turn use this information to advocate for comprehensive and LGBTQ+-inclusive sexual health education at local, state, and national levels and become powerful advocates for change, equipped with facts and science, in addressing sexual health disparities for LGBTQ+ communities.

Presenter Bios

2019 - Jonathon AntleJonathon I. Antle, KC CARE

Jonathon Antle joined KC CARE Health Center in May 2016 as Program Coordinator for The HIMM Project (High Impact Men’s Movement). He received a Bachelor’s of Music Education (K-12) from Southwest Baptist University in 2008, and then moved to Kansas City to pursue a Master’s of Music in Music Theory. After beginning PrEP in 2015, Jonathon quickly became aware of the lack of awareness and the stigma surrounding PrEP, both in Kansas City and across the country. This motivated him to shift careers in order to help the Kansas City LGBTQ+ community understand new methods of HIV prevention. The HIMM Project is funded by CDC grant PS15-1502 for HIV prevention in the Kansas City Metro among men who have sex with men. More information about The HIMM Project can be found at theHIMMproject.org.

No Image AvailableElmer Corado, KC CARE Health Center         

Elmer Corado joined KC CARE Health Center in May 2016 as Prevention Specialist (bilingual) for The HIMM Project. Elmer is the primary HIV tester for HIMM and can often be found providing outreach HIV testing at community events throughout the Kansas City Metro. In addition to testing, Elmer also provides CLEAR Counseling for English- and Spanish-speaking clients and manages HIMM’s social media presence. Elmer especially enjoys community outreach events, and is proud of the sex positive reputation The HIMM Project has in the community.

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