What is a webinar, exactly?

The term “webinar” is a combination of “web” and “seminar” – in other words, a web-based training. You’ll be able to hear the presenter via a conference line while you see the training – and, in many cases, interact with the presenter and other participants – via a website on your computer.

Will webinars replace in-person trainings?

No! We enjoy spending time with PFLAG members in the field too much to ever replace in-person trainings with webinars! What webinars do offer PFLAG members are additional opportunities that nearly everyone can access, no matter where they are. Ideally, they are intended to be a skill-builder that will help improve your work in-between regional, state, and national conferences and conventions.

Is there any cost to participate?

No. The PFLAG Academy Online is a special free benefit to PFLAG members. Please note, if you are not a PFLAG member, visit this page to get started.

How do I register for a PFLAG Academy Online session?

All PFLAG members will receive a monthly invitation for PFLAG Academy Online sessions. Be sure your email is up to date and to add [email protected] to your list of contacts to be sure you receive these invites!

  • When you have received the meeting invitation email, click the green REGISTER NOW button.
  • Enter your first and last name, and your email address, Select REGISTER NOW to complete your registration. (You will automatically receive an email confirming your registration. Save this email.)
  • Add details about this session to your Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Google calendar using the links provided on the registration confirmation page

Who is the primary audience for the webinars?

The primary audience for most sessions is PFLAG chapter members, since most offerings will relate to chapter-focused efforts. However, there are several sessions that have broad-based content and are likely to be helpful to at-large PFLAG members, too.

How do I log-in to a PFLAG Academy Online Session?

Be sure to save your meeting confirmation email as it will allow you to join the meeting.

  • Click JOIN MEETING at the scheduled date and time
  • Enter the email address where you received your meeting confirmation email. (If you enter an email different email address you will be asked to re-register)
  • Click LOGIN

Please Note: If you have misplaced your meeting confirmation email you can also go to ReadyTalk.com and enter the access code 8180210 in the box that says “Join a meeting for PARTICIPANTS” on the left side of the screen in order to join the meeting. You will still need to enter the email address associated with your registration.

How will I get notes and materials from the session?

Take notes during the session, but know that when the webinar ends, you’ll be provided with a special web address so that you can download resources mentioned in the training as well as quickly link to some of the PFLAG materials that your instructor talked about. We do not distribute PowerPoints.

What about recordings? Can I access those?

PFLAG members that register for PFLAG Academy Online sessions will receive a link to view recorded sessions on-demand. If you are a PFLAG member you can also access recordings of past sessions on-demand at www.pflag.org/onlineacademy.

What will I need in order to be part of the webinar?

You’ll need to have a computer with web access, preferably not dial-up access. As of May 2015, the program will include integrated audio so that members will be able to listen through speakers, headphones, or other listening devices through their computers.

How can I make sure that my computer will be able to handle the webinar system?

We strongly suggest that you do this test before your first webinar to make sure you’re ready to go! It’s easy. Make sure your computer can join a PFLAG Academy Online session by doing a system test using the link provided on the registration confirmation page.

You should also make sure you have the latest version of your preferred web browser. Updates should happen automatically but you can double-check by accessing these links:

If you experience difficulties please contact ReadyTalk Customer Support at 1-800-843-9166.

I don’t have access to a computer – can I still join in?

The way to get the most out of a webinar is to participate in the web portion of PFLAG Academy Online. If you don’t have access to the web portion, you can just listen in, although it will not be as effective a learning tool. Another option might be to partner with someone in your chapter who has computer access and do the webinar together!

I still have some questions. Who can help me?

If you have questions please contact Jamie Henkel at [email protected] or (202) 467-8180 ext. 210.