The Parent Journey: Raising Queer Kiddos in a Straight World

Track: Build the Future
Workshop Block 2 – Saturday, October 26 – 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM
Room: Mary Lou Williams AB

One minute you’re noting the details of a dental appointment, then pivot to reminding yourself to pick up more beets, then bam! Your kid walks into the kitchen and comes out as non-binary. And now the dog wants back in. Seriously, this is how it happens, people. Parents and family members also go through their own process after a child comes out. It’s completely normal – a natural response to taking in new information about someone’s selfhood. This session explores the experience of parents and family members when supporting gender variant kiddos. Whether you had an inkling of your child’s gender identity, or it was a complete surprise, this is the place for you. Learn how to advocate, educate, and support in this highly interactive session.

Presenter Bio

2019 Convention - Jen O'RyanJen O'Ryan, Double Tall Consulting

Dr. Jen O’Ryan completed her PhD in Human Behavior, focusing on the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals. After 15+ years developing programs in the tech industry, Jen now works with organizations on their inclusion strategies and practices. She also coaches employees, managers, and executives to improve their LGBTQ+ cultural competency. Jen works with parents and other caring adults as well. She provides workshops on LGBTQ+ inclusion to camp counselors, teachers, care providers, and other adults who frequently interact with youth. Jen also helps families navigate their child’s relationship with gender, gender identity, and attractions. Through years of research and advocacy, Jen specializes in making potentially “awkward” topics more accessible. More details and contact info are available at

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