Everyone’s got a story, but knowing how to shape and tell that story effectively is a skill that separates the talkers from the real change-makers. This highly interactive, 60-minute, session will encourage participants to pick a personal experience and develop it into an engaging, must-hear narrative that can help move equality forward.

This is an active session and you are encouraged to print the Telling Our Stories: Participant Workbook before you begin, so you can craft your story as you follow along. A pen and paper would also be helpful for any additional notes, questions, and comments. 

Please note: If you are intrested in using this presentation as a part of a chapter meeting or group activity please contact Jamie Henkel ([email protected]). 

In this session, participants will: 

  • Discuss how and why personal stories are so effective in creating transformative change;

  • Review the Story Arc Model and use PFLAG National’s storytelling workbook to identify, develop, and refine their personal stories;

  • Better understand the everchanging relationship they have with their stories and their audience over time; and

  • Fine-tune their storytelling and public speaking skills.

You can find the additional resources referred to in this learning sessoin here: Training Toolkit: Change the World in Two Minutes: How to Share Your Story