PFLAG chapters, leaders, and members have a long tradition of giving back to the communities where they live. Since 2015, the PFLAG Gives Back program – a community service effort for PFLAG chapters –  has been an integral part of our biennial convention. And thanks to the generous support of the Subaru Foundation, we’ve been able to create a resource that will help you and your chapter create, develop, and/or grow volunteer projects for your chapter.

Thanks for participating in PFLAG Academy Online! One of our key goals is to help you take the information that you learned in this session and use it to make your chapter stronger and more effective. To do that, we’ve created this page to provide you with tools, resources, and references to materials mentioned in the workshop. As always, the PFLAG National staff is here to help. If you have any questions, comments, or just need some good advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us

About PFLAG Gives Back for Chapter Leaders

In 2015, PFLAG National launched PFLAG Gives Back as an integral part of our biennial convention and the program has only grown since thenFurthermore, PFLAG chapters have been giving back to the communities they are a part of for 45+ years. Thanks to the generous support of the Subaru of America Foundation, Inc., we’ve been able to collect lessons learned, better practices, and project ideas to create a new resource that will help you develop volunteer events and community service projects with your chapter. Learn more at