PFLAG Connects LogoPFLAG Connects can provide you with an effective – and easy – way to host educational programs, coordinate advocacy efforts, and socialize with your chapter. Moving from in-person engagement to online programs may seem tricky, but we’ve created materials to help you get started. 

Before you get started, be sure to review the resources from PFLAG National that will help you keep your meetings safe, schedule your meetings, and effectively facilitate your meetings from PFLAG National. These resources will ensure that your educational, advocacy, and social programs are a welcoming and inclusive space for your chapter and community members. And don't forget to check out the resources available to help promote your chapter meetings.

PFLAG National strongly recommends that chapters enable the closed captioning feature, now available on Zoom.


Educational Programs: 

Before you get started on your educational programs, please be sure to download the PFLAG Virtual Meeting and Event Planning Template. If you have questions please reach out to the Chapter Engagement Coordinator for your region. Chapter Leaders in the Western Region should contact Jamie Curtis, Director of Chapter Engagement.

If you have an idea for virtual community education that you’d like to suggest, please contact Jamie Henkel ([email protected]).

Advocacy Efforts: 

Before you get started on advocacy efforts, please be sure to review the Dos and Don’ts of Advocacy for PFLAG Chapters and this video from the PFLAG Votes video series. If you have questions please reach out to Diego Sanchez, Director of Advocacy, Policy, and Partnerships ([email protected]). 

If you have an idea for virtual advocacy that you’d like to suggest, please contact Patrick Cochran ([email protected]).

Socialize & Create Community:

For many chapters, PFLAG Connects is a way to continue providing support services in challenging times. But PFLAG Connects is so much more than monthly support groups. Used differently, it provides you with opportunities to create community and socializing experiences for everyone. Some of these activities can be added to your regular chapter meetings. Others can be expanded to become easy-to-plan and host stand-alone social events.

If you have an idea for using virtual meetings to socialize and create community that you’d like to suggest, please contact Jamelle Dooley ([email protected]).

Additional Resources: 

Looking for book, film, TV, or podcast reccomendations for your chapter programs? The recommendations from PFLAG National will help you get started.