Thinking about hosting a virtual podcast review? This list should help you get started. Don’t forget to consider podcasts that have 15-20 minute episodes or that can easily be broken up into smaller segments. 

Dumb Gay Politics 

Food 4 Thot 


History is Gay 

Hoodrat to Headwrap 

Inner Hoe Uprising 

Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen 

LGBT Stories 

Making Gay History 


Queer As Fact 

Queer WOC 

Tea With Queen & J

This is not a comprehensive list - the possibilities truly are endless. If you have a podcast you’d like to suggest please contact Jamie Henkel ([email protected]).

Bonus Content:

Not sure what questions to ask as part of your book club program? Start by asking your readers if anyone would like to lead the conversation – someone who loves your selection might have great ideas for discussion. If not, here are a few general questions that can get any book club discussion rolling.

  • What did you like best about this book?
  • What did you dislike, or like least about the book?
  • If you could ask the author of this book one question, what would it be?
  • What feelings did reading this evoke for you?
  • Would you suggest this book to someone? Why or why not?
  • What do you think the author’s intention was when writing the book?