Voting is a right, and responsibility for all Americans. And PFLAG National would like to help PFLAG Chapters, leaders, and members get-out-the-vote in their communities. In 2020 there is too much at stake for our LGBTQ+ loved ones not to.

In this session we’ll:

  • Quickly review what PFLAG members should do to ensure that they are able to cast a ballot in November 2020
  • Discuss how PFLAG Chapters can help to register more voters while staying within the guidelines set forth by the IRS for 501c3 nonprofit organizations like PFLAG
  • Learn more about the unfortunate realities of voting in the US and dissect some of the most common reasons people don’t vote
  • Reaffirm PFLAG’s legislative priorities, highlight races to watch, and consider what is truly at stake for our LGBTQ+ loved ones
  • Find out how we can help others make a plan, commit to voting, and advocate for themselves on election day