July 18, 2022

Today, the Respect for Marriage Act was reintroduced with bipartisan support in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

PFLAG National issued the following statement from Brian K. Bond, Executive Director:

"​PFLAG was founded just two months after the ​​Roe decision became the law of the land. Now, nearly 50 years later, the ​​Dobbs decision has changed the legal landscape for our families in numerous ways, from undermining access to abortion to seeking gender-affirming care. The rights to privacy and bodily autonomy in everything and in all ways are under attack due to an extremist Supreme Court and state legislators working overtime to undermine and undervalue LGBTQ+ people. This includes jeopardizing legally recognized relationships, whether between LGBTQ+ people or between people of different races or ethnicities.

"Marriage is a fundamental foundation for family, community, and society. It is not asking for “special” rights when we ask that our LGBTQ+ loved ones be allowed to meet, love, marry, and create family with another person. It is the same thing that every parent wants and hopes for their child, if that is what their child chooses.

"Repealing DOMA with passage of the bipartisan and bicameral Respect for Marriage Act is important and will help protect our families. PFLAGers everywhere urge its passage, and will continue leading with love so that everyone can expect, access, and enjoy the same benefits in this country."


Laura McGinnis, Sr. Manager Press and Public Relations