May 8, 2016

"We thank Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice for their decisive actions in favor of respect and fairness for our transgender loved ones and their families. The North Carolina legislature is playing “distract and divide” politics by reducing the real facts of the discrimination enshrined in HB2 down to “bathrooms,” and our transgender loved ones are paying the price, with their rights and their dignity. PFLAGers everywhere stand with them and with all of our North Carolinian LGBTQ loved ones and their families. Together we will write a different story by sharing our own, both to change hearts and minds and to educate people about the facts of our families; together, we will put an end to HB2. "

– Linda Stroupe, Greensboro, NC
Board Member, PFLAG National
Volunteer Regional Director, South Atlantic Region

Liz Owen
(202) 467-8180 x214