March 23, 2016

"Today, our legislative leaders launched an attack on our families and on the American ideals of fairness and inclusion, passing a bill that not only bans all cities from enacting LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances (which would protect both residents of North Carolina and visitors to our state), but also voids all current protections on the books, such as those recently passed by the city of Charlotte. That ordinance also included protections for all of our veterans who have served; those protections have also been stripped.

Rather than taking even 24 hours to meet with our families and to hear from more businesses to gain understanding of the harm this legislation will do, Governor McCrory instead signed it into law in a Wednesday night fellowship of discrimination.

We are undeterred and PFLAG chapters, members, and supporters across North Carolina will continue to raise our collective voices, asking our neighbors and colleagues to join us in holding our elected officials accountable to the values of equality, opportunity, and fairness. This law must be repealed and we will continue to mobilize and speak out until it is."

- Ginger Feimster 
PFLAG North Carolina State Coordinator President 
PFLAG Gaston

Liz Owen
(323) 404-3185