Regional Meeting: Central (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)

Track: Interact in Roundtables
Saturday, October 26 – 5:10 PM – 6:00 PM
Room: 12th Street Room (Lobby Level)

Being part of a PFLAG chapter comes with lots of successes and many questions. Our work is not easy. However, there is one person who can help your chapter navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories: your Regional Director. Each volunteer Regional Director oversees several states in one of thirteen Regions. Regional Directors work to start new chapters and trouble shoot the inevitable concerns that are a part of our work. You should know your Regional Director! We are here to help. So come spend time with your Regional Director, and other chapter leaders from your state and region, and let’s talk. Bring your questions, your concerns, your hopes, and your successes. Your Regional Director won’t have all the answers, but the best ideas start with a conversation. See you there! 

Facilitator Bio

2019 Convention - Brooke SmithBrooke Smith, PFLAG National

As a Chapter Engagement Manager at PFLAG, Brooke supports chapter members, leaders, and regional directors on annual chapter responsibilities, provides management, leadership and accountability for PFLAG's CRM, and manages the Chapter Hub When she came to PFLAG 2004, the LGBTQ community had just lost marriage amendments in 11 states. She felt lucky to be part of the next decade at PFLAG and worked with countless groups on starting PFLAG chapters, mostly in rural areas.  Brooke holds degrees in journalism and English from the University of Kansas and graphic design from Johnson County Community College.

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