Being part of a PFLAG chapter comes with lots of successes and many questions. Our work is not easy. However, there is one person who can help your chapter navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories: your Regional Director. Each volunteer Regional Director oversees several states in one of thirteen Regions. Regional Directors work to start new chapters and trouble shoot the inevitable concerns that are a part of our work. You should know your Regional Director! We are here to help. So come spend time with your Regional Director, and other chapter leaders from your state and region, and let’s talk. Bring your questions, your concerns, your hopes, and your successes. Your Regional Director won’t have all the answers, but the best ideas start with a conversation. See you there! 

Central (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)

Room: 12th Street Room (Lobby Level)
Facilitator: Brooke Smith

Great Lakes (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio)

Room: Mary Lou Williams AB
Facilitator: Cathy Wyatt

Gulf (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico)

Room: Bennie Moten AB
Facilitator: Conal Charles 

Mid-Atlantic (DC, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia)

Room: Big Joe Turner A
Facilitator: Amy Adams 

Mid-Pacific (Northern California, Nevada)

Room: Baisie Ballroom
Facilitator: Karen Neiman 

Mountain West (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming)

Room: Lester Young B
Facilitator: Blanca Leos 

North Atlantic (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)

Room: Jay McShann A
Facilitator: Liz De Jesus 

Northeast (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)

Room: Big Joe Turner B
Facilitator: Jamelle Dooley 

Northern Plains (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin)

Room: Lester Young A
Facilitator: Georgia Henry  

Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington)

Room: Baisie Ballroom
Facilitator: Drew Griffin

South Atlantic (Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee)

Room: Julia Lee AB
Facilitator: Kathy Halbrooks

Southern (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas)

Room: Central Street Room (Lobby Level)
Facilitator: Chad Reumann

Southern Pacific (Southern California, Hawaii)

Room: Baisie Ballroom
Facilitator: Robert Petersen

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