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Read With Love Book Club

You can talk about the Read With Love Book Club. Just don’t call it another book club.

Set aside all of your stereotypes: Dragging through books that you can’t relate to, sleepy conversations in someone’s living room, at least one reader attempting to fake their way through a novel they didn’t actually read.

PFLAG would like to introduce you to a book club experience: the PFLAG Read With Love Book Club. Get ready to Read With Love alongside a group of dedicated bookworms eager to devour titles written by LGBTQ+ authors who bring us a world of insight and experiences through the written word.

And even better? We’re partnering with our friends at ShopQueer.co, an independent bookshop that splits its profits with queer authors, doubling their income from the sale of a book. As anti-LGBTQ+ book bans sweep the country, they’re preparing to launch a loud, proud, and very queer bookmobile across the United States, bringing queer book fairs to the places that need them the most. ShopQueer.co is generously donating 20% of proceeds of Read With Love Book Club books back to PFLAG. Purchase the book in the section below!