Social media is a fantastic tool for connecting with PFLAG members and others who need PFLAG's support in your community. However, if you've been involved in social media, on your own or for your chapter, you know that without some guidance that productive dialogue can quickly turn to a shouting match...or worse.

And in light of many of the challenging issues we're called on to discuss (like anti-trans legislation and violence against the LGBTQ community) understanding how to create space for a respectful exchange of ideas on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, or blog comments section is more important than ever.

Moderate Moderating: Social Media Engagement the PFLAG Way from PFLAG National on Vimeo.

In this session you’ll:

  • Quickly review the basics of sharing stories and images on Facebook and Twitter
  • Assess the types of posts that encourage people to share their thoughts, ideas, and become engaged with PFLAG on the issues
  • Discuss the ways that, as a moderator, you can honor freedom of speech in a way that consistently encourages respect for all posters and ideas
  • Analyze your role as a moderator and they ways you can expand PFLAG’s three-part mission and change hearts and minds