When it comes to allies, how do you motivate someone with no (apparent) connection to equality issues? What kinds of programs can PFLAG chapters do to interest these next-gen allies? And how can you find ways for new allies to become part of your chapter?

Straight for Equality: So You Think You Can Ally? from PFLAG National on Vimeo.

In this session you’ll:

  • Understand more about PFLAG’s theory of change and how it helped inform the creation of the Straight for Equality project in 2007
  • Review the top five lessons that Straight for Equality has learned about inviting, educating, and engaging allies over nearly a decade of ally focused work
  • Identify best practices for working with allies and learn more about how you can apply those lessons to your PFLAG chapter’s local programming
  • Participate in a highly interactive discussion putting what you’ve learned to work by navigating ally engagement scenarios
  • Get access to Straight for Equality resources and brand-new information about what’s to come in 2016!