PFLAG is an extraordinary grassroots organization with a growing network of members in the United States and abroad. The foundation of this network is our chapters. A chapter is defined as three or more individuals working together to further PFLAG's goals. Our chapter network is currently 400 strong, and continues to grow every year. Chapters benefit from the credibility and stature built by more than 40 years of work from PFLAG members. As a chapter leader, you'll join an extended family of people working together to make all of our communities fair and safe places.

As a recognized PFLAG chapter, you also have access to PFLAG’s volunteer and staff resources including trainings, conferences, and written materials. 

Chapters receive:
  • Discount registration costs for the PFLAG National Convention and other events
  • Organizing tools including project and issue-specific talking points, toolkits, and resources
  • Organizational materials including use of the PFLAG logo

All chapters are required to complete chapter affiliation in order start a PFLAG chapter. Upon completion, the chapter will gain the additional benefit of nonprofit status which includes the ability to accept tax-deductible donations.

Please contact PFLAG for more information on starting a PFLAG chapter, or reach out to our Chapter Services Coordinator at [email protected]