This bill was introduced in the House as H.R.1161 by Rep. Alma S. Adams (D-NC) on February 27, 2015.


This bill directs the National Park Service to designate one city per year as an “American Civil Rights City” to highlight that city’s commitment to protecting civil rights and celebrating civil rights efforts through established historical organizations to preserve those efforts and recognizing civil rights leaders. Greensboro, North Carolina and Selma, Alabama would be the first cities to receive this honor. 

PFLAG Talking Points

  • Past civil rights efforts must be recognized. This bill will draw attention to past civil rights efforts by encouraging city officials to honor progressive efforts in their cities.
  • Recognition of past civil rights efforts inspires and informs civil rights efforts today. By encouraging the recognition past cities’ civil rights efforts, this bill will help inspire cities to cultivate and support civil rights efforts today.
  • Our federal government must be on the right side of civil rights history. This bill directs a federal entity to support and honor civil rights efforts, showcasing the federal government’s commitment to securing civil rights for all.