Technology and Social Media: Make It Work for Your Chapter!

Track: Build the Future
Workshop Block 5: Sunday, October 27 – 9:45 AM – 11:15 AM
Room: Bennie Moten AB

Technology is the key to telling the world about your wonderful PFLAG chapter, but it can also be so overwhelming! So many choices – what choices should you make? I grew my chapter’s outreach from a single web page to a fully-fledged website that gets thousands of visits a week. Our Facebook page has over 2,500 fans and gets hundreds of likes and shares a week. Our email list goes out to over 3,000 people. And I did it all for almost free!

Presenter Bio

Conal Charles, PFLAG Regional DirectorConal Charles, PFLAG Regional Directors Council and PFLAG Atlanta

Conal was born and raised in Mumbai, India. In 2005, he came to the United States on an MBA scholarship, moving to Atlanta shortly after. In 2009, he found his local PFLAG chapter and some wonderfully supportive parents who helped him with his own coming-out journey; their support inspired him to continue his work with PFLAG. Conal joined the board of PFLAG Atlanta in 2010, serving two terms as Co-President. He now serves as the PFLAG Gulf Regional Director, serving the chapters in the states of AL, FL, GA, MS and PR.

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