The Thoron State Advocacy Fund is a dedicated pool of resources to support PFLAG's state-level field and policy work. Named after long-time PFLAG leaders Sam and Julia Thoron, the fund is used to elevate the voices of PFLAGers, echoing the mantra of the Thorons as our strategy to change hearts and minds and advance equality. Since the fund launched in 2011, it has supported our state-level work in relationship-building, blocking harmful anti-LGBTQ legislation, and encouraging nondiscrimination policies, safe school policies, and reparative therapy bans. The need for state-level advocacy is only increasing as we fight more and more state level activity. Please join the fight to stop their efforts today!

Your donation to the Thoron State Advocacy Fund helps make it possible for the PFLAG National staff to provide strategic leadership, guidance and materials. Your donation allows PFLAG National to invest in unique PFLAG education campaigns in collaboration with local and state partners to advance equality and to fight anti-LGBTQ campaigns being launched to roll back equality successes already achieved.