PFLAG National is dedicated to creating and supporting PFLAG chapters that thrive now and in the future. This workshop – revamped for 2019 – will allow chapter leaders and members to examine the ways that leadership, visibility, and programming are all interconnected aspects of reaching new audiences, retaining new members, and keeping folks coming back for years to come.

In this session we’ll:

  • Examine the role that chapter leadership plays in creating a strong and thriving chapter
  • Consider some of the most common leadership challenges PFLAG chapters face and ways your chapter may be able to handle them
  • Really think about who your chapter is trying to reach in your community and how you are going about reaching them
  • Learn more about chapter programming ideas that highlight PFLAG’s three part mission to build on community outreach and engagement efforts
  • Get amazing tools to share with your chapter to ensure that you thrive for years to come