Being a PFLAG chapter treasurer is about paying the bills…and so much more.  In this session, you’ll learn about the core skills of being a PFLAG chapter treasurer, find out about the key responsibilities of this role, and how the role has changed since the launch of the Chapter Hub in Salesforce.

In this recently updated workshop, you’ll:

  • Review the qualities, skills, and habits of a successful board treasurer
  • Walk through some of the annual responsibilities that are often a part of the board treasurer’s job description
  • Consider one model for establishing a chapter’s annual budget, accepting and dispersing funds, and maintaining financial records
  • Identify best practices, checks and balances, and other mechanisms to ensure the financial health of your chapter 

Already a treasurer? Learn more about the changes you’ll see in the new Chapter Hub.

Considering a role as a chapter treasurer? Learn about what it takes and what tech skills you’ll need to be successful.

Are you a chapter board member? Find out how to identify good treasurer candidates and support them in their work.