What You Don't Know About Your Child’s Identity

Track: Raise Your Voice
Workshop Block 1 – Saturday, October 26 – 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Room: Bennie Moten AB

This is an opportunity for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the psycho-social-emotional experience of growing up LGBTQ+. The workshop will explore how cultural heteronormativity and cisgenderism contribute to internalized toxic shame in the LGBTQ+ individual and unconscious internalized beliefs and biases in parents. By examining childhood identity development parent participants will gain a deeper understanding on how to support themselves and their child, and PFLAG facilitators will be better equipped with strategies to support PFLAG group members.

2019 Convention - Linda K. Reeves

Presenter Bio

Linda K. Reeves, PFLAG Manhattan Beach/South Bay

Leaning into her passion for making a difference, Linda diverged from a successful career in marketing and sales to become a psychotherapist. While securing her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Los Angeles, Linda was inspired to pursue the LGBT Specialization, which offered a rich curriculum for understanding the lived experience of LGBTQ+ persons. This unique education and trans-affirmative training coupled with her experience as the proud mother of a gay son provides Linda with perspectives that support LGBTQ+ affirmative psychotherapy practices. Linda currently is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Manhattan Beach, California. She is also a co-founder, board member and facilitator of PFLAG Manhattan Beach. In addition, Linda is a co-founder of the Prism Institute, a full-service education and training organization that provides customized LGBTQ+ workshops to mental health providers, schools, local governments, law enforcement agencies and other civic organizations.

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