When Things Fall Apart: Negotiating Leadership Challenges in our Chapters
Build the Future
Dawn of Holt, PFLAG Portland, PFLAG Regional Director (Pacific Northwest Region), and  PFLAG National Board and Juli Stratton, PFLAG Idaho State Coordinator, North Idaho Pride Alliance 
Workshop Block 5: Sunday, October 22 - 9:45 am - 11:15 am
Salon I

PFLAG is predicated on the notion of family, and an idealized notion of family at that. But what do we do when the “family” becomes dysfunctional? This workshop will tackle the thorny challenges of negotiating leadership changes, managing conflicts and disagreements within a chapter, and making sure our chapter tool boxes are filled with solid tools to help weather the inevitability of change. Come prepared with questions and concerns about challenges your Chapter is experiencing, and let’s create a safe space for honest discussions that can lead to real solutions.

Presenter Bios

Dawn is the mother of a 29 year-old gay man who serves as her inspiration for her work in the LGBTIQQ community.  Dawn is the President of PFLAG Portland which includes PFLAG Portland East County – serving Portland’s more conservative East side – and PFLAG Portland Washington County, the newest addition to our family of chapters.  Dawn has served as the Pacific Northwest’s volunteer Regional Director for PFLAG National for 3 years. She assists chapters in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho with the goals of increasing the gigantic regions communication strategies. Dawn also serves on National’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. In 2016, she was elected to PFLAG National’s Board of Directors by her fellow Regional Directors.

After moving to North Idaho from Chicago, and out of a desperate need for a sense of belonging, Juli became the founding president of PFLAG Coeur d’Alene.  Juli has since left PFLAG Coeur d'Alene chapter to follow her vision of developing full community inclusion for LGBTQ+ people in north Idaho. In 2016, Juli become the founder and executive Director for the North Idaho Pride Alliance.  The North Idaho Pride Alliance is an organization of LGBTQ+ and Allied indiviuals and community groups working together to create a unified north Idaho through: networking, educating and advocating.   Juli is the primary advocate and educator for the LGBT community in north Idaho, focusing on brining awareness of the LGBT experience, educating providers and developing bridges for LGBT people and resources.  Juli also consults with groups on developing plans for “compassion in action” and building a greater sense of community.  Additionaly, Juli serves as the PFLAG Idaho State Coordinator and Leadership Action Team Member for the Pride Foundation.  Juli holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and Community Services from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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