Why or When Should a Chapter Consider a Satellite Group?

Track: Build the Future
Workshop Block 1 – Saturday, October 26 – 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM 
Room: Big Joe Turner A

Successful chapters often find that they are not attracting community participation or interest from diverse groups living in their community of influence. This can include faith, language, race, ethnicity, identity, economics, and varied abilities. Satellite groups can create comfortable, appropriate and culturally-specific environments. There is work involved to evaluate the need, desire, commitment and the likeliness of a successful satellite group that can fill a void and get more people supported. This session will utilize specific examples of success in the PFLAG network. We hope to encourage sharing other examples in our communities which we can learn from and work with to increase our outreach beyond our previous space and model.

Presenter Bio

Kathy GodwinKathy Godwin, PFLAG National Board

Kathy has been a member of PFLAG since 2005. Her previous PFLAG experience includes being PFLA Salt Lake City Chapter President, Mountain West Regional Director, Regional Director Chair, and a PFLAG National Board Member, currently serving as National President. She was also the Chair of the University of Utah Tanner Dance Children’s program, Catholic Home School Association President, and participated in other youth-related sports and activities work in fundraising and organizing.

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