Combined Giving: United Way, CFC, etc.

Please include PFLAG National in your United Way, CFC or other workplace Combined Giving Campaigns.

PFLAG National United Way Donor Choice #: 36839


Corporate Matching Gifts

If your employer has a Matching Gift program, your donation to PFLAG National may be eligible to be doubled! Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees, retirees, and/or employees’ spouses.

Did you Know?

According to, approximately 2/3 of companies with matching gift programs match employee donations to nearly any 501(c)(3) organization or educational institution. Others have more specific criteria which may or may not include PFLAG. Companies typically apply minimums and maximums to their matching gift programs.  The most common minimum amount that companies will match is $25, though minimum matches range from $1 – $100. Maximums typically go from $1,000-$15,000. The majority of companies match donations at a 1:1 ratio, although ratios can be set at anything from .5:1 ($.50 match on every dollar donated) to 4:1 ($4 match on every dollar donated).

Hmmm...that's interesting! What now?

Please contact your HR department to determine whether your company offers Matching Gifts, whether your donation to PFLAG is eligible to be matched, and for specific information about the minimum, maximum, and match ratio. Your HR professional will provide you with a form (or, in many cases, a URL link to an electronic form). You complete the appropriate parts and submit it to your company. After they have reviewed eligibility, etc., they will contact PFLAG to verify your gift, and then issue the match directly to PFLAG.

For more information, contact Maggie Ardiente, Director of Development, [email protected] or (202) 349-0788.