Born Intersex: We Are Human! The Importance of Inclusion

Track: Raise Your Voice
Room: Big Joe Turner A
Presenters: James Garland Bunce, II, The Anunnaki Foundation and Anunnaki Ray Marquez, Jax Youth Equality and The Anunnaki Foundation

Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez will present his TEDx Talk live, Born Intersex: We Are Human! After Anunnaki presents his husband of twenty-nine years, James Bunce, will share his experience and what it is like to be married to an intersex man who was originally mistakenly assigned female at birth. After they both present, they will guide an interactive discussion about the importance of intersex inclusion with PFLAG and why the parents of intersex kids need PFLAG support. In this discussion, they will cover the difference between being intersex and transgender, and will also share how some intersex people, and our life partners are also LGBTQ. We will end this discussion with any questions that the room might have for either Anunnaki or James.

Chapter Leadership Transitions: Best Practices for Success

Track: Build the Future
Room: Central Street Room (Lobby Level)
Presenters: Jamie Curtis, PFLAG National and Dawn Holt, PFLAG National Board and PFLAG Portland

Leadership turnover is an important component to keeping chapters relevant and fresh, but leadership transitions can be a make or break point for chapters. This workshop will discuss the importance of leadership turnover to ensure the long term success of your chapter. We will explore the common challenges that make changing leadership so hard, the obstacles chapters face to do so and offer suggestions to ease these difficulties. We will also present best practices for leadership transitions that ensure a smooth hand over of responsibilities so that your chapter can continue to provide the crucial work that you do in your community. Through sharing of personal experiences and using some real life scenarios, we hope chapters leave better prepared to tackle their next leadership transition.

Critical Mass: Growing Your PFLAG Group

Track: Build the Future
Room: Julia Lee AB
Presenters: Dan Conger and Kathie Moehlig, PFLAG San Diego County

It isn’t easy getting momentum when you're trying to grow your PFLAG support group or chapter. Sometime it seems that it's a step forward and another back as participation ebbs and flows. This session will look at several focus areas that can help move your group towards a critical mass and a sustainable size. You’ll learn how public outreach, technology and aligning partners all have significant impact on growth. Attendees will also learn about meeting consistency and how to turn observers into chapter volunteers.

Eliminating Shame through Building Affirmation

Track: Build the Future
Room: Lester Young B
Presenter: Amy Bucher, Avila University and Inoru Wade, Midwest Rainbow Research Institute

The history of policy through our political, popular, and economic culture has done catastrophic harm to the LGBTQ+ community by creating a cisgender, heteronormative climate in the United States. This produces a large scale and long-term sense of shame for the LGBTQ+ community that has even deeper psychological implications on the human mind and body. This presentation intends to equip parents, friends, allies, and clergy with the tools they need to understand why this shame is so widespread in the LGBTQ+ community despite the recent successes in policy and how these allies can effectively counter the shame that the cisgender, heteronormative culture puts on the community by creating affirmative spaces at home, in school, and in the community.

Growing a Thriving Chapter in a Conservative and Divisive City

Track: Build the Future
Room: Bennie Moten AB
Presenters: Sara Crow and Julia Johnson, PFLAG Hutchinson

In this workshop we will explore what steps are necessary to growing an already established PFLAG chapter for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies within a conservative, and at times divisive, city. This workshop will focus on how to build your local chapter through peer-to-peer support groups, educational and professional outreach, working together with other non-profits, and finding common ground within your own diverse community. The workshop will also show how the above programs draw a direct link to new memberships, amazing fundraising opportunities, and building a strong foundation for long term continued growth for your new chapter. Finally we will hold a Q&A session about the issues and concerns your chapters have faced thus opening the floor for an open and honest discussion leading to real solutions for the struggles they face on a day to day basis.

How to Stop Arguing About Religion but Make Your Point

Track: Raise Your Voice
Room: Jay McShann A
Presenter: Robert N Minor, The Fairness Project and The University of Kansas

Religious objections still interfere with the equality of LGBTQ people, and arguments from the Bible, tradition, and religious authorities, are cited by critics to justify discrimination and abuse. We've heard the arguments and responses for over 50 years yet they continue, producing more heat than light as well as frustration for the arguer. Few walk away from such discussions feeling good about their responses. This workshop’s goal is to put religious arguments into perspective, not to argue about, for example “what the Bible really says,” but to explore strategies to defuse and redirect even the most difficult arguments effectively into the issues that lie beneath the religious arguments where the healing can begin. All attendees will receive the booklet When You’re Having a Religious Argument.

Leadership Skills to Facilitate an Effective and Vibrant Support Meeting

Track: Build the Future
Room: Lester Young A
Presenters: Henry W. Kronner, Regis College and Tee Tyler, Texas Christian University

This workshop will review group leadership skills that PFLAG members can cultivate to improve their ability to facilitate chapter meetings, retain new members attending a meeting for the first time, and encourage connection between chapter members with similar needs. Attendees will learn several group leadership skills, gain an understanding regarding how and when to use these skills during chapter meetings, and receive experiential training opportunities during the workshop to practice the leadership skills while working in pairs and in a group format. All attendees will receive a digital copy of the workshop handout. Attendees can share the handout with their local chapter members to increase group leadership skill development.

Strengths-Based Collaboration with LGBTQ+ Young People of Color

Track: Raise Your Voice
Room: Big Joe Turner B
Presenter: Ian Khara Ellasante, Bates College

With increasing awareness of the inequities facing LGBTQ+ young people, the number of advocates working to address these disparities continues to rise. The growing prevalence of initiatives designed to specifically support LGBTQ+ communities offers more opportunities for collaborating with the young people participating in them. Yet, how do these efforts account for the increased marginalization experienced by youth who are both LGBTQ+ and people of color? In this workshop, attendees will learn how genuinely creating space for leadership and collaboration from LGBTQ+ young people with multifaceted and intersecting identities not only benefits the participants and strengthens initiatives, it also redefines and expands of the functions of leadership to honor a diversity of strengths, competencies, and contributions.

The Role of Parents in Protecting Youth from Conversion Therapy

Track: Lead by Example
Room: Mary Lou Williams AB
Presenters: Samuel Brinton, Casey Pick, and Troy Stevenson, The Trevor Project

There are nearly 700,000 LGBTQ survivors of conversion therapy; 20,000 LGBTQ youth are at risk of receiving conversion therapy from a licensed mental health professional in the next few years. Although every major medical organization has declared that conversion therapy is a discredited and dangerous practice, The Trevor Project witnesses its harm to LGBTQ youth every week. The Trevor Project is working to address the harms of conversion therapy through its “50 Bills 50 States” campaign. With legislation, litigation, and public education components, parents have a special role to play in the effort to protect LGBTQ youth. In this session, you’ll learn the history of conversion therapy, the latest research on its harms, and the best ways to advocate for protections against it.

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