Workshop Block 5: Sunday, October 22 - 9:45 am - 11:15 am 

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Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable
Build the Future
Facilitated by Jean-Marie Navetta, PFLAG National

As the US population becomes increasingly diverse, PFLAG chapters need to find ways to serve and be inclusive of communities of color. But becoming inclusive is an ongoing and multifaceted effort. From different support models, to providing cultural competency education, to partnering with diverse organizations, the paths forward can seem complicated…but they don’t need to be. This roundtable discussion will give you a chance to ask questions, share information, and network with others who are working to build chapters that are more inclusive of communities of color. Bring your questions and expertise to the roundtable!

Building Local Bisexual+ Inclusive Communities
Raise Your Voice
Lynnette McFadzen, BiNet USA
Salon D

This workshop will focus on the issues and disparities of the bisexual+ community. We’ll also look at how local and national organizations can become inclusive and supportive of bisexual youth and the bisexual+ population in general. It will explore the intersections in the bisexual+ our marginalized groups and how they are impacted. In addition, why it is important to speak up, speak out and stand up for people who are bisexual+.

Doors to Diversity: Mirrors and Windows in Children's Literature
Lead by Example
Kimberly S. Jackson, PFLAG Boulder County and St. Vrain Valley School District Safe School Coalition
Salon H

Windows and Mirrors is a metaphor to help children understand themselves better and to help teachers, parents, and concerned citizens create safe places for them in schools. Through reading LGBTQ-friendly books, children are equipped to see themselves (mirrors) and others (windows) in the books they read and know that people “like me” are full citizens and fully accepted at school. In this session, participants will explore ways that books can assist in creating a safe environment for LGBTQ students and families. We’ll discuss some of the children's books available that address LGBTQ topics and families and how gender division in schools perpetuates harmful language and stereotypes, as well as ways to prevent and end bullying in schools. 

Helping Faith Parents Unconditionally Love and Accept their LGBTQ Children
Lead by Example
Susan Cottrell, FreedHearts

Issues faced by faith parents with LGBTQI children are unique. To encourage and support those parents, we must truly understand the issues, and know how to address them. When a faith parent comes to PFLAG they have likely gone against the counsel and teaching of their non-affirming church. Most are confused and frightened. The issue of reconciling their deeply held faith beliefs with their love for their child must be addressed fully. Participants will be led in a discussion how to help them be at peace and truly love, accept and affirm their precious LGBTQI children.

How to Herd a Pride of Lions: Trans Organizing Challenges
Build the Future
Michael Woodward, MPH, Gender Odyssey
Salon A

Beyond the basic understanding of differences between sexual orientation and gender identity, unique challenges may arise for organizers, advocates, and others working in or with transgender and gender-nonconforming communities. In this workshop, a seasoned advocate and author provides tips and insights for cis and trans people alike—anyone who wants to better understand the unique legal, health, and economic disparities that many trans and gender-nonconforming people face; some historical perspectives and theories on how they came to be; and how those disparities may present unfamiliar challenges for community organizers new to the work. Break-out groups will help individuals formulate an action plan they can implement into their own work at home.

Making Cents Out of Raising Money–Increase Your Chapter's Success!
Build the Future
Abby Maisonave, PFLAG Jersey Shore and PFLAG National Regional Director (North Atlantic Region) and William Placek, PFLAG Jersey Shore
Salon G

This training session will give you the framework to raise much needed funds for your PFLAG chapter. It will explore the foundations of fundraising across a variety of platforms, including the art and impact of storytelling, developing a successful elevator speech, and how to ask the “ask.” We’ll include a review of some of our chapter’s successful steps that increased our donations, and build upon the skills chapters have to develop effective fundraising techniques. 

Supercharged Advocacy: PFLAG Legislative Learning & Action
Raise Your Voice
Jamie Henkel and Diego Miguel Sanchez, PFLAG National
Columbia (Lobby Level)

As we head into a new legislative session and the 2018 mid-term elections, it is important to remember that advocacy is an integral part of PFLAG’s mission. This workshop will offer opportunities to build new skills, educate others, and fine-tune individual and chapter advocacy efforts. Review local, state, and federal legislative efforts in 2017 as well as what to expect in 2018. Discuss the “Dos and Don’ts” of political advocacy including looking at effective tactics for influencing elected representatives, learning how to use personal stories to make an impact, and considerations for working effectively in coalitions.

What Makes a Successful Advocacy Campaign? A Case Study
Raise Your Voice
Sarah Eyssen, Ashley Nurkin, and Jesse Ryan, PFLAG Charlotte
Salon B

The medical community has been slow to adapt treating transgender youth across the country. A parent or caregiver’s first phone call is many times to their pediatrician or family medicine provider asking for resources, information or help. Many parents have been told “I have never treated a transgender child.” Some parents have even been referred to conversion therapists by doctor's unwilling to recognize our transgender youth. How do we as advocates and parents educate our physicians and healthcare providers to better understand our transgender kids? How do we teach our providers best practices towards affirming our transgender kids in a healthcare setting? This session will discuss a case study in Charlotte, NC on a successful campaign that ultimately touched hundreds of healthcare providers.

When Things Fall Apart: Negotiating Leadership Challenges in our Chapters
Build the Future
Juli Stratton, PFLAG Idaho State Coordinator, North Idaho Pride Alliance and Dawn of Holt, PFLAG Portland; PFLAG Regional Director (Pacific Northwest Region); PFLAG National Board
Salon I

PFLAG is predicated on the notion of family, and an idealized notion of family at that. But what do we do when the “family” becomes dysfunctional? This workshop will tackle the thorny challenges of negotiating leadership changes, managing conflicts and disagreements within a chapter, and making sure our chapter tool boxes are filled with solid tools to help weather the inevitability of change. Come prepared with questions and concerns about challenges your Chapter is experiencing, and let’s create a safe space for honest discussions that can lead to real solutions.