A Window Between Worlds: Art Transforming Trauma

Track: Lead by Example
Room: Lester Young A
Presenter: Stacia Kato-Takayesu, A Window Between Worlds and PFLAG San Gabriel Valley Asian Pacific Islander (SGV API)

A Window Between Worlds is a national nonprofit that views art as a catalyst to release trauma, build resilience and ignite social change. When individuals create art in a safe community they can be heard and respected – replacing violence and shame with safety and hope. PFLAG SGV API uses art workshops, curated by A Window Between Worlds, to engage community, build positive self-image, and allow participants to express emotions and heal without the use of words, which is useful in diverse communities. Trained facilitator and board member of both A Window Between Worlds and PFLAG SGV API, Stacia Kato-Takayesu, is here to share more because it really works. 

Achieving Trans Dignity at Work

Track: Raise Your Voice
Room: Lester Young B
Presenters: Freddie M. Dolphus, ACLU of MO Statewide Trans Leadership Table and Jay-Marie Hill, ACLU of Missouri

As a follow-up to the release of the Trans Ally Toolkit in October 2018 (available at aclu-mo.org/trans), we are here to support participants in taking their allyship a step further. Come learn how to stand strong in your workplace and in public spaces, so that we can one by one, make our state safer for trans and queer folks to exist.

Black Bisexual Liberation in Queer Spaces

Track: Raise Your Voice
Room: Mary Lou Williams AB
Presenter: Gerrard Davis, Heart to Hand, Inc.

The bisexual community is the single largest group within the LGBTQ+ community. However, when it comes to language, advocacy, and general presence, bisexuals experience staggering amounts of erasure. The Black bisexual community becomes a much more precarious and polarizing environment due to many of these factors and more. This session will discuss the needs and strategies for access bisexual liberation within the Black community and its grander implications for Black queer and same gender-loving bisexually-identified individuals.

Building Advocacy Efforts Roundtable

Track: Interact in Roundtables
Room: 12th Street Room (Lobby Level)
Facilitator: Diego Sanchez, PFLAG National

PFLAG Chapters are often called on to make their voices heard as a part of advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal level. But navigating 501(c)3 rules and requirements, prioritizing issues, and chapter capacity can be complicated. This roundtable discussion will give you a chance to ask questions, share information, and network with others who are interested in advocacy work at all levels of government. Bring your questions and expertise to the roundtable!

LGBTQ Sex Ed: Health, Rights, and Pleasure

Track: Raise Your Voice
Room: Big Joe Turner A
Presenter: Antón Castellanos-Usigli, PFLAG National Board, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, and Global Advisory Board for Sexual Health and Wellbeing

Sex education for LGBTQ youth tends to be very limited, both in formal and informal spaces. This workshop will raise awareness of the importance of providing LGBTQ youth with sex education that follows the “triangle approach” of linking sexual health, sexual rights and sexual pleasure, which was formulated by the Global Advisory Board for Sexual Health and Wellbeing (GAB). The workshop will also provide the opportunity to learn about specific online LGBTQ sex education resources.

Providing Successful Training for Students, Teachers and Parents

Track: Lead by Example
Room: Central Street Room (Lobby Level)
Presenters: Aspen Eberhardt and Sam Thomasson-Bless, PFLAG Greater Boston

In this workshop, we will discuss best practices on providing trainings to students, teachers and parents on LGBTQIA+ identities and issues in different school settings. At each school level (elementary, middle and high school), adults have different misconceptions and misunderstandings about what is appropriate and helpful to learn about. We will delve into these myths and walk away with tools for providing LGBTQIA+ education in school settings in meaningful, engaging and successful ways. 

Public Activism: Ways to Advocate in Support of Trans Youth

Track: Lead by Example
Room: Julia Lee AB
Presenter: Debi Jackson, Gender Inc. and Trans-Parenting.com

All parents of trans youth advocate for our children. Some will only ever advocate privately with the local school or the pediatrician’s office. If you choose to become more vocal to take a stand against anti-trans legislative initiatives or tell your story in the media, you need strategies for your messaging and for your protection. In this workshop, we will cover different types of advocacy from writing blogs, giving interviews to reporters, lobbying efforts through letters and phone calls, giving testimony in front of legislators, and how to deal with any backlash you receive from being public.

Supporting the Underserved: Shining a Light on Underserved LGBTQ Communities

Track: Raise Your Voice
Room: Big Joe Turner B
Presenters: Miko Alicea and Angelique Luna

While there are many letters in LGBTQ, some of those letters don’t feel as equally represented as the initials suggests. The bisexual, transgender, and queer (which also includes intersectional and asexual) communities can feel at best misunderstood, and at worst, excluded. Acceptance is further complicated when sexual orientation and gender identity lies in a gray area or is questioning or fluctuates. How can we better understand the marginalized to become better allies? We can start by listening to their stories and seeing how they too struggle within a heteronormative world that seeks to devalue and dehumanize. We will share our personal experiences being part of two underserved communities, bisexuals and asexuals. In this session, participants gain insight and information that will help them become better advocates and allies for everyone who identifies as LGBTQ.

Technology and Social Media: Make It Work for Your Chapter!

Track: Build the Future
Room: Bennie Moten AB
Presenter: Conal Charles, PFLAG Regional Directors Council and PFLAG Atlanta

Technology is the key to telling the world about your wonderful PFLAG chapter, but it can also be so overwhelming! So many choices – what choices should you make? I grew my chapter’s outreach from a single web page to a fully-fledged website that gets thousands of visits a week. Our Facebook page has over 2,500 fans and gets hundreds of likes and shares a week. Our email list goes out to over 3,000 people. And I did it all for almost free!

What's G*d Got To Do With It? A Conversation

Track: Raise Your Voice
Room: Jay McShann A
Presenter: Nancy Corcoran, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

This workshop is a conversation with participants from Jewish & Christians traditions examining the “Texts of Terror” used against LGBTQ folx and their families and exploring how transgender and gender expansive folxs are expanding our religious imaginations. Using Daniel A. Helminiak's What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality and personal experience as a chaplain with LGBTQIA folx and their families, participants will ponder how faulty translations and poor interpretations have distorted our call to care for each other. Each participant will be given a copy of the "Texts" so that they may further explore for themselves, explore the intricacies of language, and consider how our misuse of terms gives power to falsehoods.

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