Ann Miller

She, Her, Hers
Gulf (AL, FL, GA, MS, PR)

Ann Miller is the proud mom of a transgender gay son who came out at age seventeen. In 2015, she established the first formal board for PFLAG Johns Creek, Georgia and has served as its president since then. With Ann’s leadership, the chapter has grown attendance from a few individuals to over 100 folks each month pre-COVID, held quarterly educational events, educated corporate leaders, advocated statewide, grown the budget from $0 to over $10,000, added a Helping Hands fund for the community, and expanded to two new chapters in metro Atlanta. The key here is that no one could ever do that alone. Ann assembled an awesome team that listened to needs, stepped up bravely to try new ideas and built what individuals in the community deemed vital.  Now, she hopes to bring that same spirit of collaboration and innovation to the Regional Director position. This is her forte: teambuilder and talent scout. Ann desires to help the region’s chapters meet the challenges of their unique communities in the easiest and most efficient way possible given the changing landscape of today. She is passionate about saving lives and advocating for LGBTQIA+ individuals, especially children.