Drew Griffin

He, Him, His
Pacific Northwest (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA)

When Drew came out of the closet in 1992 he was told about an organization that “helped young gay kids come out to the parents,” but since there was no internet and asking the wrong person about LGBTQ+ information was potentially risky, he couldn’t find the organization that he needed. Upon attending his first pride parade he saw PFLAG parents proudly marching while displaying signs that declared their love for their LGBTQ+ children, giving hugs to strangers along the route, and handing out bright pink stickers that said, “PFLAG Loves YOU!” Drew always wanted to be one of those people, but because he was not a parent, he thought he couldn’t be involved. In 2014, after calling Seattle and Los Angeles home for many years, he found himself living in rural Grant County, Washington without any LGBTQ+ community and he came to realize the role PFLAG could play in a small town; finally, the time was right. Since that time, he’s volunteered with PFLAG Seattle and currently holds the position of Washington State Council Vice President, Advocacy Committee Chair and Communication / Social Media Administrator.

Drew was told shortly after he came out of the closet that he had to become an activist because, ”that is what gay people do”, so he became an activist. He has the overwhelming desire to make life better for LGBTQ+ people and our allies. He has spent 26 years studying LGBTQ+ culture; nightlife, relationships, racism, addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, coming out, politics, and family. He has learned that one person can make a difference; one home, one neighborhood, one community at a time, because he has done it himself. He’s helped establish the current agenda for PFLAG Washington State Council that will create new chapter locations, strengthen existing chapters, enhance partnership relations with LGBTQ+ organizations, and lead advocacy efforts. He knows there is much work to be done and he knows it won’t be easy, but if you know him you know he never backs down from a challenge, in fact his personal motto is ‘Stand Up for What Is Right, Even If You Stand Alone’ but now that he has PFLAG, he is never alone.