PFLAG Connects LogoHave questions about how to use PFLAG Connects? We’ve compiled questions and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that users have. Check out the responses on this page to help eliminate challenges so you can get to work supporting your community.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have questions about how things work, what you should do, or the best way to handle different situations? Check out the FAQs here for help. Please note that this page will be updated regularly, so start here when you need assistance!


How can my chapter participate in PFLAG Connects?
Getting started is easy, and you can begin right now. Visit this page to get step-by-step instructions on how to sign up.
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What chapters are eligible to participate in PFLAG Connects?
PFLAG Connects is accessible to all PFLAG chapters in good standing that have paid their annual dues to PFLAG National. To learn more about Chapter annual responsibilities, visit
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How is PFLAG National supporting my chapter on PFLAG Connects?
PFLAG National is excited to support the chapter network with PFLAG Connects, providing a way for chapters to stay connected and offer services to people who can’t reach traditional support settings. As part of PFLAG National’s support for this program, we are covering the costs of the Zoom system for PFLAG Connects through 2021 (with ongoing work to extend this financial support), offering technical support from staff to get chapters set up and ready to host virtual meetings, providing resources to help schedule, facilitate, and plan meetings to ensure you’re adapting to online work effectively, and creating promotional resources including images and messaging to help get the word out.
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What does PFLAG Connects cost?
To get started, this will be no financial cost to your chapter. PFLAG National will help with the initial digital leap for a smooth transition. PFLAG Connects is available to the chapter network for free through 2021. During this period, we’re going to collect feedback from the chapter network and determine if the program is meeting needs and should be continued and expanded. Look for opportunities to provide feedback soon!
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My chapter has already paid for a Zoom account. Will PFLAG National reimburse me for that cost? Can my account be added to the PFLAG National account for better service?
Congratulations -- and great work on being an early adopter! If you already have a paid Zoom account (at the Pro or higher level), you can move your account to PFLAG Connects so PFLAG National will absorb user costs during this launch period. Switching over is simple. Download instructions for switching over your account.
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How often can I use PFLAG Connects?
You have unlimited use of your account, so you can use this for your support space, but also think of other purposes, including board meetings, education, and advocacy.
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Can we use PFLAG Connects for more than our chapter support meetings?
Yes! You can also use PFLAG Connects for education, advocacy and social meetings. Zoom is also a great tool for board meetings. Keep watching the PFLAG Connects web pages as well as your email messages from PFLAG National to learn more about how to do this -- we’re always working on new resources!
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How do you manage access to PFLAG Connects inside of our chapter?
Like any secure system please exercise good judgement when it comes to sharing login information. Once you have an account, have a discussion with your chapter leadership about who should have access to the system, and stick to your decisions. Ensure that your username and password are kept in a secure way and only shared with people who should have access. For more security, change your password every few months. During leadership transitions, pass along login information and any relevant details about your account.
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Does Zoom have a call-in option?
Yes! One person has to initiate the meeting online, but other people can call in via phone.
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I’m concerned about confidentiality in online environments. What should I do?
Just as with in-person meetings, confidentiality is an important issue to discuss. While there are no ways to ensure that there are no incidents, you can increase the chance that you’ll create a safe space. Be sure that your computer (and the computers of your users) have been updated with all security updates, depending on the platform that you use. Zoom offers regular updates to improve security.

For online meetings, we strongly recommend that you do not post the link to your meeting anywhere that is public. Instead, advertise your meeting, ask people to complete a sign-up sheet to capture people who want to attend, and send them login information 24 hours prior to the meeting. Additionally, use two facilitators (one speaking and one on live chat) so that you’ve got the ability to address issues should they happen. Finally, read and enforce ground rules for participants.

PFLAG has several resources to help you with this effort:

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What are best practices for online meetings?
We’re glad that you asked! While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how to conduct meetings, there are some great ideas and best practices that you can use. For lots of great resources to help, please check out our resources to help schedulefacilitate, and plan meetings
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Our chapter has already decided not to meet while our locality is under shut down orders. Does signing up for PFLAG Connects mean we must meet?
Each chapter needs to decide what’s best for them based on their capacity and demand for services. Signing up for PFLAG Connects does not require you to hold meetings. But this system enables you to resume work on our mission, just in a new environment. Promote the fact that you’re back! (Check out our promotional tools for help.)
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What kind of metrics should we keep to report usage and participation back to National?
PFLAG National is working on developing additional tools and resources to help track usage and needs so that we can continue to evolve this program. Many chapters regularly keep metrics on attendance and how people came to find the chapter. Please continue to document your experiences -- there will be time (and a need) for feedback!
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Will National use our contacts or meeting attendees to fundraise?
No. PFLAG National will not use any information collected during meetings for fundraising purposes.
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