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There’s a lot you can do to help empower LGBTQ+ youth in your community to learn and to thrive. Let’s #ReadWithLove and include MORE books about all kinds of topics and people in our schools and libraries.

From simple things like donating a banned book to your local library to organizing for a school board meeting or hosting a #ReadWithLove-In, find out ways you can get involved below.

We can make this a place that includes all of us – a place where we are all free to thrive and support each other for who we are.

Learn More
Buy-A-Book, Donate-A-Book

Purchase your favorites from PFLAG National's #ReadWithLove Bookshop.org bookshelf, and deliver them to your local library or community book collection when they arrive. Let's make these wonderful books accessible for all who want them.

Give Proudly

Looking for ways to #ReadWithLove that make the most sense for you? Consider a donation of any size to PFLAG National so we can continue our work like partnering with local libraries around the country and other life-saving efforts for our LGBTQ+ loved ones.

Take Action
Get Involved

Prevent bad actors from taking away your community's chance to #ReadWithLove. Help PFLAG and the Book Ban Busters fight censorship.

Read With Love-Ins
Host a Read With Love-In

“Read With Love-Ins” are peaceful gatherings to raise awareness about how reading books about all kinds of topics and people are great ways to help kids learn about the world and thrive.