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A Place to Call Home

Stephanie Tran, a young, queer, Vietnamese filmmaker, approached PFLAG National with an idea for a film to amplify and honor LGBTQ+ AAPI voices. A Place to Call Home features four PFLAG mothers of AAPI descent, sharing their journeys with their LGBTQ+ kids. Today, the short film is available in English as well as in the following versions with subtitle translations: Korean, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Hindi. We are grateful to our team of translators, including Aya Yabe, Mari Morimoto, Celia Bùi Lê, Sri Chivukula, Anupam Dev Goel, Neetika Prasad, Zhen (Sunny) Zeng, Haishu Ding, M.J. Yap, Ira Briones, Hyunsook Elizabeth Cho (조현숙), Jee Eun Kim (김지은), and Stacy Song-ah Huh (김성아), for their work.