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Pre-Legislative Meeting Checklist

Ahead of any meeting, be sure to know:

  • Name of Hearing/Meeting
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
    (floor, room, special entry location if after hours, parking, transit proximity)
  • COVID-19 vaccine preparation/instructions/restrictions
  • In person COVID-19 Vaccination documentation/proof requirement
    (If current testing is required as well as documentation,note how many days or hours in advance of meeting is required, check if home tests suffice)
  • Witness sign-up
  • Witness testimony guidelines
    (length of comments, written as well as oral?
  • Electronic device rules/restrictions
    (If statement is on an device and devices are prohibited)
  • Know Board members by name, face and background
    (Are any already allies? Who knows them and can reach out in advance of a meeting for tips or advice? Are any known to favor censorship?)