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Building a Coalition

Coalitions are groups comprised of multiple organizations with different missions, uniting to achieve a common goal. Typically, these groups share leadership responsibilities and resources, and they agree upon a structure to make decisions.


  • Research the coalitions and like-minded groups that exist in your community. If there is not an existing coalition already established, you can create one!
  • Contact potential partners to explain PFLAG’s mission and your interest in joining the broader coalition. Some coalition members may be obvious PFLAG partners, such as state equality organizations; however, there may also be some less-expected allies, such as faith-based organizations, racial or social justice organizations, or immigration organizations.
  • Capitalize on your existing relationships and organizations, such as your local faith communities, workplaces, or other social justice organizations. Creating a strong and diverse coalition helps to achieve common goals, allows every individual and organization to contribute their unique skills and focuses, and spreads messages of equality far and wide.
  • Celebrate your groups’ commonalities and differences and appreciate the members of all of the organizations involved. Sending thank you notes or hosting a potluck is a good way to celebrate your successes in order to move forward together towards future wins.
Pieces of Me film poster, with photos of Joslyn DeFreece from current and growing up.

New Short Film "Pieces of Me"

Our newest film "Pieces of Me" is out now in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility!
Written, directed, and produced by Nick Oceano-Armendariz—the film centers on the life of New York-based artist and transgender activist Joslyn DeFreece.

Watch the film

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