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Equality in My Community

In communities and states across the country, nondiscrimination ordinances and laws are being proposed and passed–while discriminatory practices still continue in others. PFLAG National is doing the work to support local and state advocates as they beat back bad bills and advance critical nondiscrimination protections.

You can view Equality Federation’s up-to-the-minute tracking of legislation affecting LGBTQ+ people.



  • We need our state and local officials to extend the same rights to LGBTQ+ Americans that are currently afforded to other protected groups.
  • PFLAGers are keenly aware that federal law does not fully protect our LGBTQ+ loved ones, especially transgender people of color and Black trans people in particular. Without federal protection from discrimination through the Equality Act, banks and landlords do not have to extend payment leniency for credit or housing as they would for other protected groups, and LGBTQ+ people will still be excluded from access to public services, public education, public spaces, and jury duty. 
  • Until the Equality Act is passed and federal anti-discrimination protections are extended to LGBTQ+ people everywhere, it is important to protect LGBTQ+ people in as many states, counties, and cities as possible. No matter where an LGBTQ person lives or visits, they should enjoy the same protections as all other people. 
Pieces of Me film poster, with photos of Joslyn DeFreece from current and growing up.

New Short Film "Pieces of Me"

Our newest film "Pieces of Me" is out now in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility!
Written, directed, and produced by Nick Oceano-Armendariz—the film centers on the life of New York-based artist and transgender activist Joslyn DeFreece.

Watch the film

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