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What Makes Pride

What Makes Pride is a 2021 series from PFLAG National, hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry, dedicated to uplifting the work and lives–and sharing the stories–of LGBTQ+ BIPOC people, communities, and grassroots organizations.

While Pride often tackles or addresses representation and general equity and access for the LGBTQ+ community, PFLAG National wanted to serve as an ally and signal booster, highlighting key issues and topics that are particularly pressing in 2021 in the midst of social upheaval, growing white supremacist movements, and a pandemic. PFLAG National is proud to elevate conversations–and organizers doing the work–central not just to Pride celebrations and advocacy, but to growing and strengthening personal Pride in meaningful ways.

Professor Melissa Harris-Perry, founder of the Anna Julia Cooper Center hosts the series, which is produced by Wear Your Voice, our partner on the short film You Are My Pride (2020).

Click below to watch each episode and to learn more about each of the organizations and organizers highlighted. We’re truly #PFLAGProud to share this series!

What Makes Pride: Episode 1

Episode 1 features and focuses on BIPOC Pride Organizations and organizers

What Makes Pride: Episode 2

Episode 2 features and focuses on Housing Justice organizations and organizers

What Makes Pride: Episode 3

Episode 3 features and focuses on Incarceration organizations and organizers

What Makes Pride: Episodes 4 & 5

Episode 4 features and focuses on community organizations and organizers