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Do you need a little LGBTQ+ positivity and community? PFLAG Connects is a way to meet where you are, as you are, through online meetings with your local PFLAG chapter, live broadcasts on social media (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn), online activities, resources, and more.

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PFLAG Connects brings the PFLAG Chapter Network--400+ chapters in all 50 states--online, providing digital meetings and events to their local communities and to your family and LGBTQ+ loved ones. 

Participating chapters will receive ongoing support from PFLAG National, including up-to-date education and best practices to help deliver great online meetings and events. PFLAG Connects supports you at a time when support is needed more than ever. 

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Here is a sneak peak of one of the regular features: 

Three Steps to Recognize IDAHOTB (While You’re Stuck at Home) Three Steps

Just because you’re staying in, and times are tough, doesn’t mean you can’t recognize the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. So, stay safe and take these steps to engage.

  1. Learn: Read about the history of IDAHOTB and why May 17 was selected as the date for such an important visibility and awareness event. You can also learn more about the experiences of LGBTQ+ globally – did you know you can be sentenced to death for being gay, lesbian, or bisexual in 11 countries? – by checking out some of resources from ILGA World.

  2. Watch: Watch some of the videos available from UN Free & Equal and the videos that has featured on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

  3. Share: Check out the posters available from, download your favorites, and share them on social media. Be sure to like and follow and their IDAHOTB partners so that you can elevate their posts today and all year long! 

Something to Talk About LIVE:

Something to Talk About LIVE, hosted by the PFLAG National Learning & Inclusion team, is a weekly broadcast that creates conversations around LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity. Join us every Thursday at 4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT on social media (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn) to be a part of the discussion. Viewers are invited to share their thoughts, ask questions, and their comments may even be featured on the live stream!

You can also use the article and questions posted each week to create your own conversations with colleagues, classmates, friends, and family members! 

The archive of past broadcasts is available here: Something to Talk About LIVE