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Resources for TX Trans + Nonbinary Youth

To every proud Texan family acting with love for their trans and nonbinary kids, PFLAG has your back. Below are links to resources, PFLAG chapters, and partners where you and your trans and nonbinary loved ones can find support, respect, and dignity.


Find your local PFLAG Texas chapters for virtual meetings and to connect you with additional local resources.


You can also reach out and get involved with partner organizations deep in this critical work with us:

Equality Texas | Trans Education Network of Texas (TENT) | Out Youth | The Center – Pride Center San Antonio

You can also view/share this list of support hotlines.

Need additional support information and resources? Contact PFLAG National staff today for support. 


Let’s learn how to show up for our trans and nonbinary loved ones through broadening your education or sharing the following materials with others in your circle.

[ON-DEMAND TRAINING] Supporting Trans & Nonbinary Loved Ones: What Would You Do? 

[PUBLICATION] Straight for Equality Guide to Being An Ally to Trans and Nonbinary People

[PUBLICATION] Our Trans Loved Ones

[RESOURCE] 10 Things You Can Do to Be Trans Ally

[RESOURCE] Create a “Safe Folder” 

[RESOURCE] What Parents & Guardians Need to Know: Gender-Affirming Care in Texas

[RESOURCE] Resources for Parents of Texas Trans Youth

[RESOURCE] HHS Offers Guidance & Support for Transgender Youth


Send a message to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) and urge them to NOT COMPLY with this unconstitutional order. Tell them to listen to the medical experts and protect transgender kids.

Use Your Voice

Affirming your child for who they are, inclusive of their race, abilities and genders, is an act of love. Seeking the help your child needs at the time they need it is an act of love. PFLAG asks you to join us as we continue supporting and encouraging families and caregivers in these acts of love for their transgender and nonbinary children.

  1. Encourage your neighbors, colleagues and community members to go to PFLAG Chapter programming to learn how to better support our trans and nonbinary loved ones, specifically trans and nonbinary youth.
  2. Share these posts on social media letting your connections know that trans youth belong everywhere | SHARE THIS FACEBOOK POST | RESHARE THIS INSTAGRAM POST